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Anatomy for students of general medicine (B83004) and dentistry (B83030)
Syllabus of lectures 2nd semester 2023/2024

Monday 12:15-13:45, Thursday 12:15-13:45
Large lecture hall, Institute of Anatomy

Week Name Topic
1. 19.2.-23.2 Va, Va Urinary system, structure and development. Congenital disorders of urinary system. Male genital system I., structure and development. Cryptorchism.
2. 26.2.-1.3. Ko, Ko Male genital system II. Female genital system, structure and development. Vessels and lymphatics of organs or urogenital system.
3. 4.3.-8.3. Va, Sm Retroperitoneal space. Pelvic floor. Perineum. Endocrine glands (adenohypophysis, thyroid, parathyroid, pancreas, suprarenal gland, diffuse neuroendocrine system).
4. 11.3.-15.3. Sd, Sd Heart – microscopic and macroscopic anatomy: cavities and wall, conduction system, blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics. Pericardium. Heart: topography and projection.
5. 18.3.-22.3. Sd, Ka Development of the heart, heart defects. Vascular development, fetal circulation.
Principles of structure of nervous system and its development (neural tube, neural crest, placodes). Spinal nerve scheme, pathways of spinal nerve reflexes.
6. 25.3.-29.3. Ka, Easter Cervical plexus, thoracic nerves. Overview of autonomic nerves, sympathetic part, parasympathetic pelvic part, enteric nervous system
7. 1.4.-5.4. Easter, Ko Cranial nerves.
8. 8.4.-12.4. KO, D Cranial part of parasympathetic nerves, pathways of the reflexes of cranial nerves.
Spinal cord: structure, pathways, meninges, blood vessels.
9. 15.4.-19.4. D, D Brain stem.
Cerebellum: structure, functional organization, pathways.
10. 22.4.-26.4. D, D Diencephalon: structure, subdivision, connections, hypophysis.
Basal nuclei and their pathways. Internal capsule.
11. 29.4.-3.5. D, D Structure of the brain cortex. Cortical areas and their function.
Brain ventricles. Cerebrospinal fluid. Coverings and blood vessels of the brain.
12. 6.5.-10.5. D, D Neurotransmitters, main chemical systems. Limbic system.
Overview of main motor and sensory pathways of CNS.
13. 13.5.-17.5. Ka, Ka Auditory and vestibular apparatus and their pathways, structure and development.
14. 20.5-24.5. Sm, Va The eye, structure and development. Visual pathways, ocular reflexes.
15. 27.5.-31.6. Sd, Sm Olfactory apparatus and olfactory tract. Gustatory apparatus and gustatory tract. Skin, mamma - structure and development.

D – Druga, Ka – Kachlík, Ko – Kolesová, Pt – Peterka, Se – Sedmera, Sm – Smetana, Va – Valášek

Dean´s day (Thursday) March 28, Holidays (Friday) March 29, (Monday) April 1,
National holidays (Wednesday) May 1+8, Rector´s day (Tuesday), May 14

February 16, 2024 Assoc. Prof. Ondřej Naňka, M.D., Ph.D.

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