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Eliška Krejčí, Ing.

Ing. Eliška Krejčí, Ph.D. Mailing adress

Institute of Anatomy,
1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University,
U nemocnice 3,
128 00 Prague 2,
Czech Republic,

phone: +420 224 96 57 65


12th September,1978


1997 – 2002 Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology, Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, field: General and Applied Biochemistry, specialization: Biochemistry and Genetics of Microorganisms, diploma thesis: Izolation and Charakterization of RcpSBI Restriction-modification System of Bacteria Rhodobacter capsulatus SB1003 (MSc.)

2002 - PhD study – First Medical Faculty, Charles University, field: Developmental biology, thesis: The Role of c-myb Gene in the Early Vertebrate Embryogenesis

Professional history

2001 – 2002 Centre of Integrated Genomics, ICT Prague, laboratory of Prof. Václav Pačes

2002 – First Medical Faculty, Charles University, Institute of Anatomy, Laboratory of Molecular Patophysiology and Morphology, Prof. Miloš Grim

Selected Publications

Karafiat V, Dvorakova M, Krejci E, Kralova J, Pajer P, Snajdr P, Mandikova S, Bartunek P, Grim M, Dvorak M (2005) Transcription factor c-Myb is involved in the regulation of the epithelial-mesenchymal transition in the avian neural crest. Cell. Mol. Life. Sci. 62:2516-25 link na PubMed

Valasek P, Theis S, Krejci E, Grim M, Maina F, Shwartz Y, Otto A, Huang R, Patel K (2010) Somitic origin of the medial border of the mammalian scapula and its homology to the avian scapula blade. J. Anat. 216:482-8. link na PubMed

Liska F, Snajdr P, Sedová L, Seda O, Chylikova B, Slamova P, Krejci E, Sedmera D, Grim M, Krenova D, Kren V (2009) Deletion of a conserved noncoding sequence in Plzf intron leads to Plzf down-regulation in limb bud and polydactyly in the rat Dev. Dyn. 238:673-84. link na PubMed

Krejčí E, Grim M (2010) Isolation and characterization of neural crest stem cells from adult human hair follicles Fol. Biol. (Praha) 56:149-57. link na PubMed

Liska F, Gosele C, Rivkin E, Tres L, Cardoso MC, Domaing P, Krejci E, Snajdr P, Lee-Kirsch MA, de Rooij DG, Kren V, Krenova D, Kierszenbaum AL, Hubner N (2009) Rat hd mutation reveals an essential role of centrobin in spermatid head shaping and assembly of the head-tail coupling apparatus. Biol. Reprod. 81:1196-205. link na PubMed

Main topics and interest

Molecular and Developmental Biology

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