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Hana Kolesová, Ph.D.

Hana Kolesová, Ph.D. Mailing adress

Institute of Anatomy,
First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University,
U nemocnice 3,
128 00 Prague 2
Czech Republic
phone: +420 224 965 710

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Researcher ID - Anatomy & Morphology; Developmental Biology

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Main topics and interest

Heart embryonic development
Congenital heart diseases
Coronary vessels development
NOTCH signalization
SHH signalization
Imaging methods

Foreign internships

2018–2019: Fulbright Scholarship – one-year internship in the laboratory of Prof. Michiko Watanabe, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA.
2017: Two weeks residency in the laborotory of Prof. Sugi, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, USA
2006-2007: One year residency University of Washington, Seattle, USA, in the laboratory of Prof. Roelink. Influence of Sonic hedgehog onto blood vessel development
2001–2002: Four residencies at the Salzburg University, Austria, in laboratory of Prof. Lametschwandtner. Course of corrosion vascular casting and scanning electron microscopy
2001: Three month residency at the Lyon University, France, in laboratory of Prof. Exbrayat. Developmental study of aortic arches in Typhlonectes compressicauda (Gymnophiona)

Professional education

2003–2008: Charles University, First Faculty of Medicine, postgraduate studies in Biomedicine, specialization in Developmental Biology - Ph.D.
2008: Charles University, Faculty of Science - RNDr.
1998–2003: Charles University, Faculty of Science, Master's degree in Biology, Specialization in Zoology - MSc.

Professional history

Since 2008: Institute of Anatomy – assistant professor
2002–2008: Institute of Anatomy – assistant

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