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Interactive pathways of CNS

Dear students,

Due to loss of support for the Flash player, the CNS pathway animations we have painstakingly created for you to play in your browser, no longer work.

We are currently unable to convert them into an interactive, yet supported format (html5), so we are offering them to you as a package with attached Adobe Flash Player (the .exe file).

For Mac, you need to download a suitable player compatible with your operating system version. I personally believe it is worth your time, as I find this much more engaging than to read it in the textbook!

The animations cover the main sensory and motor pathways as well as those involved in perception and processing of the proprioception.

Each animation consists of general overview, followed by the topography part where its course is shown in cross sections at various CNS levels.

There are also interactive quizzes for reviewing purposes.

The applications were created under the auspices of the FRVS grant by the teacher of the Institute of Anatomy (Dr. Brabec, Assoc. Prof.Nanka, Dr. Nemcova, prof. Petrovicky) between 2007-2012.

Download the entire Zip Archive here.

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