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Anatomy 1(B83004) for students of general medicine and dentistry (B83030)
Syllabus of lectures in winter semester 2018/2019

Monday 12:20 – 13:50, Thursday 12:15-13:45
Large lecture hall

Week Topic
1. 1.10.–5.10. Introduction to the study of microscopic and macroscopic anatomy and development of organ systems. Anatomical terminology, general anatomy of bones and joints. Sd, Sz + +
2. 8.10.–12.10. The limb and joint development. The joints of the upper limb, joint movements. Ka, Ka +
3. 15.10.–19.10. The pelvis, joints of the lower limb, joint movements. Ka, Ka
4. 22.10.–26.10. General anatomy of the muscle, its blood supply and innervation. General angiology. Structure of spinal nerve. Muscles of the upper limb, osteofascial compartments, vessels and nerves I. G, Sd +
5. 29.10.–2.11. Muscles of the upper limb, osteofascial compartments, vessels and nerves II. Muscles of the lower limb, osteofascial compartments, the survey of the vessels and nerves I. Va, Sd +
6. 5.11.–9.11. Muscles of the lower limb, osteofascial compartments, vessels and nerves II. Vertebrae, ribs, sternum. Connections on the vertebral column and thorax. Development of axial skeleton. Sd, Dr +
7. 12.11.–16.11. Muscles of the thorax. Muscles of the abdomen, inguinal canal. Surgical approaches to the abdominal cavity. Vessels and nerves of abdominal wall. Muscle groups of the back. development of the diaphragm. E, E +
8. 19.11.–23.11. The skull: principles of development and structure. The neurocranium and splanchnocranium bones. Dr, Dr
9. 26.11.–30.11. Connections on the skull bones, parts and spaces of the skull. The skull of newborn. Masticatory muscles, mimic muscles, their innervation. Dr, Kl +
10. 3.12.–7.12. Muscles of the neck; their innervation. Osteofascial compartments of the neck. Carotid arteries, internal jugular vein. Subclavian artery. Kl, Kl +
11. 10.12.–14.12. The teeth, palate, fcial clefts. General anatomy and development of the gastrointestinal system. Oral cavity, the tongue, salivary glands, pharynx; their vessels and innervation. Pt, Va, Kl + +
12. 17.12.–21.12. Macro- and microscopic anatomy of oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, rectum and anus. The pancreas, liver, biliary ducts; their vessels and innervation. Sm, Sm +
13. 2.1.–4.1. Radiological examination of GIT. Abdominal aorta, inferior vena cava, portal circulations. The peritoneal cavity and its development, peritoneal relations of the organs. --, Sm +
14. 7.1.–11.1. General anatomy and development of lymphatic system, main lymphatic ducts. Structure of lympatic node and central lymphatic organs. Lymphatics of GIT, MALT. Spleen. Ka, Ka +
15. 14.1.–18.1. macro- and microscopic anatomy of the respiratory system, its blood supply, lymphatics, BALT, innervation and development. Mediastinum. Thoracic aorta, superior vena cava. Thymus. Sd, Sd

All downloads of lectures from year 2009/10 are here!

Now are avilable presentations from academic year 2017/18, will be substitute for new presentaions during the semester.

Be - Beneš, E – Eliška, Dr – Druga, G - Grim, Ha - Halata, Ka - Kachlík, Kl - Klepáček, Pt - Peterka, Sd - Sedmera, Sm - Smetana, Sz - Szabo, Šn - Šnajdr, Va - Valášek

Prague, September 17, 2018 Prof. MUDr. Karel Smetana, DrSc.

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