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Syllabus of practicals and seminars for students of general medicine (ALEK) and Dentistry (AZUB) in 2nd semester 2018/2019

Week Topic
1. 18.2.-22.2 Respiratory system. Mediastinum. Thoracic aorta. Superior vena cava. Azygos vein.S1: Laryngotomy, tracheotomy. Pneumothorax. Maturation of the lungs, surfactant.
2. 25.2.-1.3. Urinary system. Suprarenal gland. Male genital system. Retroperitoneal space. Test 1: Respiratory system. S2: Renal transplantation. Congenital renal defects. Descent of the testes, cryptorchism. Hypospadias. renal lithiasis
3. 4.3.-8.3. Female genital system. Pelvic floor. Perineum. Blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics of pelvis and perineum. S3: Menstrual cycle. Ectopic pregnancy. Congenital defects of the uterus and vagina. Male and female infertility.
4. 11.3.-15.3. Heart cavities, wall of the heart, valves, blood supply and innervation, heart auscultation. Test 2: Urogenital system. S4: Fetal circulation. Congenital heart defects.
5. 18.3.-22.3. Heart - pericardium. Spleen. Thymus S5: Heart- X-ray; auscultation. Coronarography and PTCA (percutaneous transluminar coronary angioplasty).Bypass
6. 25.3.-29.3. Spinal nerves and their plexuses. Sympathetic part of autonomic nerves. Test 3: Heart.
7. 1.4.-5.4. Cranial nerves. Parasympathetic part of autonomic nerves S6: Sucking reflex and corneal reflex. Facial nerve palsy
8. 8.4.-12.4. Meninges and vessels of the CNS. Spinal cord. Brain stem. S7: Lumbar puncture and epidural anesthesia. Neural tube defects. Test 4: PNS.
9. 15.4.-19.4. Cerebellum. Sagital section of the brain. Diencephalon. Microscopic sections of spinal cord and brain stem. S8: Cerebellar syndromes. Sensory and motor disturbance following spinal cord lesion. Blood-brain barrier. Neural stem cells.
10. 22.4.-26.4. Gyrification of cortex. Macroscopic sections of the brain. Basal ganglia. Internal capsule. Test 5: Spinal cord, brain stem, cerebellum – structure and pathways. S9: Parkinsonism. Bleeding into internal capsule
11. 29.4.-3.5. Ventricular system. Hippocampus. Fornix. Microscopic sections of diencephjalon and telencephalon. S10: Liquor and its circulation. Intracranial hypertension, hydrocephalus. Intracerebral hemorrhage.
12. 6.5.-10.5. Macroscopic sections of the brain. MRI. Test 6: Diencephalon and telencephalon – structure and pathways. S11: Functional MRI.
13. 13.5.-17.5. Auditory and vestibular apparatus. S12: Paracentesis (myringotomy). Nystagmus.
14. 20.5-24.5. Eye and related structures. Test 7: Ear and auditory pathway. S13: Ophtalmoscopy. Pupillar reflex. Glaucoma, cataracta.
15. 27.5.-31.5. Skin. Test 8: Eye and visual pathway. Credit. S14: Sentinel lymph nodes in tumors of mammary gland.

Holidays, Dean´s day, Rector´s day: Thursday April 18; Good Friday, April 19; Easter Monday April 22; May Day - Wednesday, May 1; National Holiday - Wednesday, May 8; Rector´s day - Tuesday, May 14.

January 30, 2019 Prof. Karel Smetana, MD. D.Sc.

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