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Prof. David Sedmera, MD., D.Sc.

Prof. MUDr. David Sedmera, D.Sc. Mailing adress

Institute of Anatomy,
First Faculty of Medicine,
Charles University
U nemocnice 3,
128 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic

phone: +420 224 965 941


August 14, 1971


1989-1996 - Charles University, 1st Faculty Of Medicine - MD.
1996-1998 - Universite de Lausanne, Faculty of Sciences - Ph.D.
2009 -Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic - D.Sc.

Professional history

1996 - Institute of Experimental Medicine, Czech Academy of Sciences – Research Assistant
1996 - 1998 - Institute of Physiology, University Of Lausanne - Assistant
1998 - 2000 – Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, Mediccal University of South Carolina - Postdoctoral Fellow
2000 - 2005 - Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, Mediccal University of South Carolina – Assistant Professor
2006 – present - Institute of Anatomy, 1st Medical Faculty, Charles University – Associate Professor
2008 - present - Laboratory Head, Laboratory of Cardiovascular Morphogenesis, Institute of Physiology
2006-2008 Laboratory Head, Laboratory of Cardiovascular Morphogenesis, Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics
2009 - present The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic - D.Sc.


1994 - Oddělení Anatomie a Embryologie, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgie
1994 - 1995 - Ústav Histologie, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland

Select publications


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Bohuslavova R, Skvorova L, Sedmera D, Semenza GL, Pavlinkova G. 2013. Increased susceptibility of HIF-1alpha heterozygous-null mice to cardiovascular malformations associated with maternal diabetes. J Mol Cell Cardiol 60C:129-141.

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Developmental biology
Congenital anomaliest
Cardiac conduction system

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